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We provide an active atmosphere for our members to enjoy various popular MMO’s with others that share the same passion for their game of interest.

World of Warcraft Retail


Throw Back 2012 – Raid Multiple MMOs at once

Rift – Age of Conan – Star Wars The Old Republic

Crowfall PVP


Sire Denathrius – Shadowlands

World of warcraft retail

Nefarian – Classic

World of warcraft Classic

Major Corruption Breach

New World

The Flame Sire – Maelforge

Rift – 2012


Do You Know What HAROO Means?

We have a few time honored traditions that are passed on each year to the next. One of those traditions is saying, HAROO.

You will see it used by many Acolytes across many games. Those that are not in the Acolytes may think to themselves, what is HAROO? It is a mix of an old Celtic chant with some 300 mixed in.

It was started 16 years ago as a sign of celebration for something positive that was accomplished by our members or Acolytes as a whole.

It has been a staple within the Acolytes community for many years and will continue on for decades more!