Server: North America

Crowfall Leadership: Dheth, BlackBlood, Radison

Crowfall Council: CrowLive EconTeam, Crowfall Veterans

URL To Apply:

Goals: A tight knit dedicated community that will help each of its members advance while making sure we can hit the targets we set as a guild. GvG Large and Small, Roamping group PvP, a strong Economy team(Crafters and Harvesters). The Acolytes has a place for players interested in it all. New, old, recently returned; it doesn’t matter. Beta provided we have the knowledge, peronsell, experience and friends to accomplish whatever we set our sights on. Acolytes will hit the ground running and will secure our place in the elites of Crowfall. We have many shift workers and more than a handful of Australianish timezone folks. Our presence will be felt throughout the day.

Building an enjoyable, active, environment is Acolyte’s highest priority. This entails honing individual and group skills while promoting comradeship between members. We also offer the opportunity to be part of a larger gaming community that works and plays together beyond a single game. Within Crowfall, we will be active participants in Campaign and GvG content while maintaining a respectable guild identity.

Acolytes Crowfall Achievements

Part of ADD Alliance

Top 20% in Njalea Campaign

Two Victories in a Defense against Death Alliance

Acolytes Ready To Attack

Crowfall Neriyan Campaign: ADD vs Death Alliance

PierceBLK Acolytes Crowfall PVP Dregs

Takes Billions To Take Down the Acolytes