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ArcheAge Chapter Leader - Ellesime

Ellesime played his first MMORPG in 1998 when his friend introduced him to Ultima Online. He hasn't looked back since. He met the Acolytes in Age of Conan as Zorlandar and as part of the guild, Legion of Flames, Acolyte's archenemy. Later, he joined the Acolytes community and has been a member for around 10 years. Ellesime began playing ArcheAge a few months after launch [blame Naup] and hasn't stopped. While he started with the initial Acolytes chapter, he's roamed around a few guilds before finally joining She Said She Was Lvl Eighteen. In 2017, he became guild lead of Lvl Eighteen and has remained so ever since eventually bringing Lvl Eighteen into the Acolytes as their ArcheAge chapter. This year, Lvl Eighteen joined with Black Lion to become a joint chapter of the Acolytes.

*Edit* To be clear Ellesime in no way had any part in helping poor Synistre do his work for him. She, in fact, did all the work of writing this, and many other things, up for him.
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Oct 14, 2019
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