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Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Leader - DrChronic

I started playing Nintendo in the 80's along with gameboy. Upgraded to super Nintendo then Sony PlayStation after that, after Sony i got into x box and from there x box 360. I played vanilla wow at some point as well for a while and would switch back between Xbox and wow. I joined Acolytes while I was playing Rift. Calli was the leader of the Acolyte Rift Chapter at the time. I also played Tera for a couple months and Neverwinter. I played WoW off and on until couple months into cataclysm then left. After Rift i tried out MOBAs such as Smite and then came to Elder Scrolls Online during beta. I haven't left Elder Scrolls Online since and over time my activity and loyalty earned me the position of Chapter Leader for our Elder Scrolls Online Chapter.
Acolyte Leadership
Apr 14, 2017
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