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What is DBH?

The DBH started a long long time ago as we wanted to come up with something a bit more official then....hey lets all get drunk again this weekend! We decided to start DBH night. DBH is generally on Friday nights, but there is no rule that it can't be on Saturday nights as well. It stands for Drinks....Boobs....Haroo!

The basic rules of DBH are

1. Whenever someone mentions some form of boob in guild chat or Discord everyone has to take a drink or partake in some sort of banned substance.

2. After they take their drink they say HAROO in guild chat or on Discord.

It is all kind of silly when you step back and look at it, but when you get alot of people all doing it, it is pretty damn funny.

You may be wondering at this point, well why isn't it named BDH? We have a long standing member named Maxima that actually came up with the name. She is Argentinian, so her translation was a bit off, but we went with it anyways.

You can find our Urban Dictionary entry for DBH HERE

Here is a definition and a very tame example of DBH

It is a drinking game. It stands for Drinks....Boobs....Haroo! The basic rules are that whenever someone mentions some form of boob everyone has to take a drink or take part with some sort of banned substance and then yell HAROO after you do it.

Goat says, Boobs!

Someone says, Drink!

*then everyone drinks*

Everyone says, Haroo!
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Apr 14, 2017
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