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Acolytes Gaming

Production Update: From Pre To Alpha
By Vye
Hail and well met, Elyrians!

No doubt you have been salivating from the tempting tidbits Caspian introduced in the last Adventure Introduction and it's my pleasure to provide a progress report on those tidbits! Though the Quest for Alpha 1 is epic in scale, our current efforts can be broken down into a few different threads of delivery.

Exploring the Depths of Character Data
While characters had appearance data when we were working on the character creator, they were nothing more than a set of slider settings. At this point in the release, creating a character also creates or records your:

  • Birthdate & Age
  • Gender
  • Personal Destiny
  • Selected Soul
  • Skills (modified by the selected Soul)
  • Number of Previous Lives Lived
  • Spirit Remaining
  • True Identity
  • Character Attributes...
Hey all. This has been a long time in the making, but here is finally the non-bland article on Patch 5.0. Enjoy!

Western Hiram Mountains

In the Hidden Era, the Twelve Heroes first gathered to form the legendary expedition with the goal of finding the Garden, the rumored birthplace of the world. Unfortunately, following the great migration, all mana in Auroria was depleted, and as a result the expedition was left unfinished, with the mythical Garden yet to be found. Once the energy of Archeum had seeped into Auroria from the New World (Nuia and Haranya), the Garden was made further inaccessible to the civilizations of the Archeage world. But, unbeknownst to that of outsiders, a new, mysterious power rose in the Garden during this time. The Kirvatha (Or as they’re known in our version, the Corrupted from which Hiram gear drops) noticed it, and began to...

It has been quite some time since we launched Black Desert Online and none of this would have been possible without you.
To commemorate the passion and the time you spend with us, we kindly asked the Black Spirit to prepare a special present!
Now there is a surprise for each one of you:

On the anniversary day of your in-game Family creation, you will be able to find your own personal Birthday Cake in your in-game mail (B).


The Black Spirit celebrates your anniversary!

Continue reading...
Hi Folks,

Busy, busy, busy. Going to keep things brief this week so that we can focus on getting beta out the door! While we remain on track for our July 4th Beta 1 date, it’s very close. We need to do some rigorous testing, and make sure we’re ready.

This week, I had the pleasure of hosting our End of Week Wrap-Up and Q&A from the Seattle area studio with George. Unfortunately, we had to keep it short as we all have a lot to get done, and every minute counts. The pressure is on, but in the best of ways. The energy in the studio is incredible, we are all excited about how close we are. Although we are working harder than ever, everyone is laughing and joking, no death march here! We’ll be working through the weekend, and really hammering on the last pieces of the beta 1 list and beta bugs.

Let’s recap our Top Tenish!

Top Tenish:

  1. Beta in T Minus 12: Twelve Days. Its a number that is frightening, exciting, and super important to everyone here. We are...

TOP TWENTY! We broke twenty items this week in our Top Tenish list. Also, we’ve been seeing a lot of new Backers joining us in recent weeks, so a big WELCOME to you all. For any of you unfamiliar with our weekly updates, we break down the week’s work into highlights. This started out as our Top Ten, then as the team grew, became the Top Tenish, as we regularly had more than ten items that were worth mentioning. As we’ve gotten closer to our Beta 1 Day 1 date of July 4th, the number of weekly highlights has continued to creep up due to the team’s focus and hard work!

As mentioned in our previous weekly updates, we remain on track for our July 4th Beta 1 date, but just barely. We still have a lot of testing ahead of us to be truly ready. We want to come into that day strong, so please keep an eye out for our testing notifications.

We’re going to include this information one last time to make sure all our Backers are aware of our privacy policy changes:

If you missed our...
Greetings Adventurers!

We are happy to announce that the recently revealed Lahn class will be introduced to Black Desert Online on May 23 and the pre-creation will be available on May 16th!

Lahn is a master of martial arts who trained in a dynasty of the far east. Her story begins by becoming a priestess but falls to an evil scheme, which she tragically loses her lover in the battlefield. Grieved by her loss, she realizes that strength is the only way to achieve her ideals. Determined to return to her home one day and protect the ones she loves, she embarks on a journey in search of greater power.

The upcoming female class uses a new weapon type that is exclusive to her, a stretchable main-hand weapon called the Crescent Pendulum. This is a crescent-moon shaped blade on the end of a long piece of cloth. She throws and swings her weapon with immaculate grace and completes her deadly arsenal with the Noble Sword, a short blade that is her...
For the month of May our member spotlight is on MuffinforHire. Muffin has been a member of the Acolytes since January 1 2018. Muffin joined the Acolytes through the Black Desert Online Division and is currently one of the officers there. The Acolytes BDO division's main focus is being a well rounded guild that experiences everything the game has to offer. We do not focus on any specific element, but participate in open world pvp, guild boss scrolls, guild missions, pve grind, Sea Monster hunting, Valtarra and scroll groups. Black Desert Online is a popular sandbox-oriented MMORPG that currently does not have a monthly subscription.

1. When and why did you join the Acolyte Community?

1. I joined in December 2017.. or January 2018..? Somewhere around there. I initially joined to just be in a guild for BDO and stayed after realizing how great the community actually...

As Bless Online’s Steam EA release is fast approaching, we know that many of you are curious about the 5 classes available in the game. In an effort to help you familiarize yourself with the different class combat styles, we have prepared a little preview! In addition to specific combat-related details on each class, we are also sharing class gameplay introduction videos so that you can see each class in action.

Also, please note that names for skills, effects, resources, and stances may not be finalized.

  • Guardian
    (This preview video was taken in a development environment and therefore does not reflect the final version)

    Guardians in Bless are known to be brilliant strategic commanders who protect both their allies and the front lines. How do they do this you ask? Well, they need to be brave. Every time a guardian uses a combo, they gain bravery (a resource like mana). Once a guardian’s bravery...
Update 18 introduces a selection of additions and improvements for all Elder Scrolls Online players, including Crown Store Gifting, Daily Rewards, and combat changes that are designed to help you play the way you want to play. Find out more in this preview article!

Update 18 will arrive in June as a free base-game update for all ESO players. This means you do not need to have purchased ESO: Summerset in order to enjoy Update 18's new features and improvements. If you're interested in Update 18's PvP changes and additions, check out our Alliance War and Battlegrounds preview article.

With Update 18 and Daily Rewards, you are rewarded simply by entering the game! When you log into ESO, you'll be able to claim a unique reward that can include different...

As we march towards the May release of Bless Online on Steam, many of you asked how the Steam version of Bless Online is going to be different from its past or currently available releases. We definitely understand where the questions are coming from. We have not shared as much as we should have in explaining how the game will be different from what you see in Korea or Japan servers. That’s why we decided to focus this blog on describing some of the key changes we are bringing to the Steam release.

While we’ve been developing Bless Online for a long time, our focus on making Bless Online a great game has never wavered. We also have an amazing and active community that has not given up on us but continue to support us and give constructive feedback. One of the primary goals for the Steam release is to make sure to address some of the key concerns that have been repeatedly raised by the community. Now, let’s explore what some of those changes are.

Combat System...