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Acolytes Gaming

Lassiz Plays Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pre-Alpha - Visionary Realms visits Lassiz' channel and runs through Black Rose Keep. Boss fights, deaths, and a pinch of chaos are a sure bet!

If you are interested in playing Pantheon with the Acolytes come launch let us know and hop into our Discord to chat about Pantheon!

There is soooo much hype around Ashes of Creation. Their Alpha 1 playable state will be open in Q4 of 2018. Their marketing department is second to none when it comes to hyping up the game. If you are remotely interested in Ashes of Creation then watching this video is a must.

Our newest major update, Legends Return, a.k.a. Update 4.5, is launching on the very fitting day of April 5, 2018. Focused on the power of long forgotten myths of both sky-ruling dragons and the darkness that lurks in the depths of the world, this update includes both new features for all players and long-requested improvements.

Today, we talk about what awaits you in the next update, and the new Fresh Start Progression Servers coming with it.

A New Style of Fresh Start

For those of you who keep a close eye on the Korean servers, you may have heard about their new progression server: Orchidna. This style of Fresh Start server opens up with a classic launch day ArcheAge experience: level 50 cap, Magnificent level gear, and a focus on the mainland continents. Slowly, over the coming months, this server will evolve with unlocked crafting tiers, raid bosses,...
Our member spotlight for the month of March is going to be about Wraithen. Wraithen has been a long time Acolyte and will be heading up our Star Citizen division of Acolytes. Wraithen's current plans for the Star Citizen chapter is for the star citizen chapter of the acolytes is to build a security based guild providing escort service for non combat based trading guilds as well as ground security for mining operations and salvage. we will be a combat focused guild that includes pvp and pve aspects of the game. i will have a secondary guild setup for community members that have no desire to participate in a competitive guild format.

"Star Citizen is an upcoming massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game developed and published by Chris...

For those of you who may have missed out on our Monday livestream: we have officially announced the date for the opening of Beta 1, which will be this upcoming July 4th, 2018! Mark it on your calendars, folks! If you missed out on the stream with Mark and Andrew where they cover the details and plenty of questions, you can catch that HERE. The team here at CSE is very excited, not only to announce the date, but to deliver a solid experience for our Backers that is well worth the wait! Hop over to our homepage to check out our new countdown clock, courtesy of James!

Of course that was a hard act to follow, but we did our best, with a full week of testing with our IT and Alpha folks! Many thanks for helping us find and fix stability issues on this new build. We spent much of this week also working on the planning for our next sprint, which is just one step on the road to Beta 1....
Mjolnir has currently been enjoy the game Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is a First-Person Style Shooter based around progressive Light Levels accessed through the guns, armor and mods worn by the player acquired by completing events, missions and quests through the five planets currently available in the game. Weekly resets open up new events and quests to further the player’s progression. Most of the game is primarily PvE style, with the Crucible being it’s 4v4 PvP arena where players either fight to hold points, get the most kills, defend/attack points in order to win rounds. Player progression and gear can be gained in the PvP arenas and the feel, speed and mechanics are in-line with Quake or Unreal Tournament matches. Gear gained in PvE or PvP can be used in all areas and there isn’t specific gear for either though over time certain items become more popular. Each player eventually unlocks a total of three sub classes based off the primary main style of character they player; Warlock,...
AoC Dec27 1_t.jpg
Columns: Friends & Family Live Stream Recap
By Robert Baddeley on December 27, 2017

Read more at https://www.mmorpg.com/ashes-of-cre...e-stream-recap-1000012360#FFyhWswRzAEjY8po.99


The first thing I want to talk about are the classes for Ashes of Creation because for most people the class reveal was the highlight of the stream. At character creation you will be able to chose your base archetype and from what we can gather this choice is permanent. You will be able to choose from classic fantasy RPG classes: Fighter, Tank, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Summoner, Cleric and Bard (yay!). This base class will determine what skills you are able to use and at some point during the leveling process you will be able to choose a second class. This two class combination will give you your final form for an astounding 64 different...

Age of Conan Short Term Reboot
If you are interested in joining the Acolytes in this short term Age of Conan reboot of a new server let FatGoatHieru know!

In early 2018, we will be introducing a saga server to Age of Conan. A saga server is a unique server that is live for a limited period of time and comes with unique rewards for completing objectives. All players will start with a fresh, new character that will be transferred to Crom after the saga server’s live period ends, along with any earned rewards. Players will be able to claim rewards on a single character of their choosing.

We’ll be releasing more details as the launch date draws closer. Until then, get ready for the Saga of Zath - launching in early 2018!
Haroo fellow Acolytes! For the past week I have been making announcements about tags on Discord. Today I will commence The Great Purge of 2017! Anyone without a role/tag on discord (except bots) will be removed. I've been announcing this all week. If you were removed and feel you should not have been please contact me, or your chapter lead for those of you who are Acolytes, so that we can rectify the situation. Have a great day!



Khalamov is our spotlight member of October. He is not currently playing any Acolyte sponsored games but he is playing the recently released Divinity Original Sin 2 with several Acolyte Community members.

1. When, what game and why did you join the Acolyte Community?


1) It was about two months before Black Desert Online came out, that being the game I joined Acolytes for, and I joined because a friend of mine was joining the guild and wanted me to come along. Now he's left the guild, but I liked it here so I stayed.

2. How did you end up being a Meth Lab channel regular?

2) When BDO turned into a grind fest for me, I started looking at Discord to see where other people were hanging out, what games, and I saw Meth Lab, which obviously wasn't a game, but I've been around enough chatrooms to recognize the...