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Acolytes Gaming


We are always trying to provide options for our members to enjoy end game content in the games you love with like minded people. Another chapter in the history books of the Acolytes continues in Everquest 2!

Everquest 2 recently started a Time Locked Expansion server this past July. The name of the server is Stormhold. That means the server starts with no expansion packs. The game is like it was when it originally launched. Every 30 days there is a poll that the players in the game vote on whether to advance to the next Expansion pack in the game.

The Chapter leader for the Acolytes in EverQuest 2 is Ucala. His main officer is Alistor. Together they have already created a phenomenal raiding guild. The entire group of people are awesome and we welcome them into the Acolyte community. If you have ever wanted to enjoy Everquest 2 from the beginning and wanted to experience each raid...

The next Chapter in Acolyte history has arrived! Camelot Unchained is the highly anticipated game that requires skill and effort, not an open wallet. It is created by the same person who brought you Dark Age of Camelot, Mark Jacobs. Our Camelot Unchained chapter will be lead by Icedern. He is a great and tenured player, but more importantly a great all around guy who has a passion for Dark Age of Camelot and now the Camelot Unchained world! We have the utmost confidence that Icedern, his team and our members will make a great name for the Acolytes in Camelot Unchained.

Although Camelot Unchained will not release for some time, we felt it was vital to start building our core and continue to expand on that core so we are fully prepared to hit launch like a tsunami. Keep an active eye on our Camelot...

According to their Facebook information, The MMOG Museum promotes the preservation of cultural heritage in virtual video game societies.

It appears they have chosen to preserve one of our accomplishments in their preservation of cultural heritage in virtual video game societies.

I think this recognition speaks volumes of where we have been and where we are going as a community. Acolytes always has been and always will be bigger then any one person. It is you, the members, that keep things great around here. Please go favorite and/or post something on that Twitter post they made to show our appreciation!


Greetings my fellow Acolytes! If you have been around our forums or Mumble lately you will see there is a ton of activity going on. With our already strong activity from our Rift and GW2 chapters you probably have noticed an increase of activity around Everquest Next and Elder Scrolls Online as well. There has been a lot going on within our community the past few months.

We were able to move over to a new hosting company for our website/forums to improve the speed and user experience thanks to Asiimar. We also purchased a new chat system named CometChat which has extended the reach of our community communication for all members of the community thanks to Theodosios. CometChat has only been active for a little over two weeks now and there has been a total of 3,157 messages sent with over 300 sent in the past 24 hours. It provides an avenue for all members to keep in touch...

Happy 2014 to everyone! It is going to be a great year for the Acolyte Gaming Community. In a thread a few weeks back I wanted to have a community wide contest that the entire community could take part in and at the same time give away some good prizes to our members. The goal of the contest is to showcase the awesome members we have here within our community and at the same time spreading the word of our wonderful Acolyte Gaming Community to friends, family and so on. Lets see what everyone comes up with!!

Details of the Contest

  • The objective is to take a picture of yourself, friends, family members, or pets in Acolyte branded gear/apparel and post the pictures here in this thread. The more creative, the higher the prize you will possibly win.
  • Another option for the contest is that you can take our Acolyte logo and take a picture of you...
It has been a little while since we have sent out an update to the entire community. I am hoping that everyone had a great summer and is ready to hunker down and enjoy some MMO's this winter and going into spring of next year. Our community is continuing to thrive as the years go on. We are currently still active in Rift and located on the Greybriar server. Callianna and team have been doing an awesome job with providing a competitive and fun atmosphere for our members. They are currently running a progression raid and a second raid for lower tiered zones. Rift has also been free for a while now, so if you were thinking of coming back to Rift or giving Rift a try you should do it. Our other thriving chapter is Guild Wars 2. Toxotria has recently become the chapter lead. Her and her group of officers have been doing a fine job as well keeping things fun and engaging in GuildWars 2. They are currently located on the Sanctum of Rall server, but are starting to recruit across multiple...
Acolytes, Guests and Corkus,

We’re only four months into 2013 and many things have happened in our Community. Some good, some bad and some that could be considered to be a little bit of both. We’ve gained 367 new, unique, non-spam users on the forums. The Guild Wars 2 Chapter is reporting upwards to 100 new members and are steadily nearing the guild cap. The RIFT Chapter is plugging away and remains one of the most viable guilds on the Wolfsbane shard. Sadly we’ve seen some familiar faces leave the Community as well, some on good terms and some on not-so-good terms. Either way, as always, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. We’ve also said goodbye to our old-standby friend Age of Conan Chapter and our Star Wars: the Old Republic Chapter.

In February our website began a major overhaul as we reconfigure the outlook and presentation of the Acolytes brand. This is being done in stages to rebrand the Acolytes as not just a conglomerate of Guilds, but as a true Gaming...

We now have our own 125 person Mumble Server. We have partnered with CommandChannel.com to make this happen. CommandChannel reached out to me and wanted us to spread the word about their Mumble hosting as they recognized us having a large footprint within the MMO Gaming world/communities and could help grow their business. To read about the hardware they use and the network they utilize you can find that information here http://commandchannel.com

"Founded in 2009, we decided to specialize in one area that is very important to the online gaming community: Voice communication!

The founders have been part of the gaming community for a decade, and have participated with many clans/guilds and organizations. They found that finding reliable hosting was always a challenge. Not only for voice services, but for...

It is that time of the year again where we dig into our pockets and do something for the greater good. Over the years we have raised $6000+ for various charitable organizations. We started with a charity drive to Child's Play in 2009, then Susan B. Komen for the Cure in 2010 and just last year we donated to Extra Life.

This year we will be donating the money that the members of the Acolytes give to Feed the Children (www.feedthechildren.org).

About Feed the Children: http://www.feedthechildren.org/site/...=org_about_ftc

Because we are an International community we will be donating to Feed the Children's International program (http://www.feedthechildren.org/site/..._intl_programs).

All donations go directly into our PayPal account and are then donated to...