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Acolytes in Everquest 2 | September 10th 2015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FatGoat, Apr 30, 2017.

By FatGoat on Apr 30, 2017 at 12:14 AM
  1. FatGoat

    FatGoat Administrator Mod Council NSFW Acolyte Legend CU ESO SC Acolyte


    We are always trying to provide options for our members to enjoy end game content in the games you love with like minded people. Another chapter in the history books of the Acolytes continues in Everquest 2!

    Everquest 2 recently started a Time Locked Expansion server this past July. The name of the server is Stormhold. That means the server starts with no expansion packs. The game is like it was when it originally launched. Every 30 days there is a poll that the players in the game vote on whether to advance to the next Expansion pack in the game.

    The Chapter leader for the Acolytes in EverQuest 2 is Ucala. His main officer is Alistor. Together they have already created a phenomenal raiding guild. The entire group of people are awesome and we welcome them into the Acolyte community. If you have ever wanted to enjoy Everquest 2 from the beginning and wanted to experience each raid as each expansion pack comes out, now is the time!

    The raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7pm until 9pm CST.

    To read more about the guild and the already completed Raid accomplishments please view our Acolyte Halls of History.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by FatGoat, Apr 30, 2017.

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