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Atlas Chapter

Discussion in 'Atlas' started by Tinc, Oct 29, 2019.

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  1. Tinc

    Tinc Administrator Council Acolyte Legend AAU Member WoW Member Acolyte


    Atlas is a pirate themed survival game that is incredibly fun. There are 4 official servers which are NA PVP/PVE and EU PVP/PVE. Our company in Atlas is named Rum Runners and we play on the NA PVE official server.

    We own multiple islands. There are numerous things to do in Atlas, whether you enjoy end game fast paced action, solitary play building/gathering or anything in between. Our company allows you to enjoy the aspects of Atlas that you are comfortable with and does not require participation with things you aren't. We work as a team with different game play styles with the focus being just to have fun!
Thread Status:
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