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World of Warcraft Classic - State of the Acolytes - December 2019

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft Classic' started by FatGoat, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. FatGoat

    FatGoat Administrator Mod Council NSFW Acolyte Legend CU ESO SC Acolyte


    World of Warcraft Classic - State of the Acolytes - December 2019

    HAROO my fellow Acolytes! My initial intent was to have a monthly World of Warcraft Classic - State of the Acolytes, but I have decided I will do them quarterly through the year. That way each update will have more content and information. If you haven't seen our last World of Warcraft Classic - State of the Acolytes - September, you can view it here https://acolytesgaming.org/index.ph...ic-state-of-the-acolytes-september-2019.5859/

    We have accomplished so much and grown quite a bit since September as a guild. Our two big goals for October were to defeat Ragnaros and Onyxia and our first DKP raid completed that on October 15th 2019. At the time, being the third Horde guild on our server to complete all the current Raid content. We had made a name for ourselves on the Atiesh server as being an organized, fair and fun guild to be a part of.

    Our member roster continued to rise and less than a month later on November 12th 2019 we had formed our second 40 person raid team which we nicknamed the Late Night Raid. This raid filled a desire for a Non DKP raid within our membership. We have been able to fill it with all Acolyte members and are currently 9/10 in Molten Core with Ragnaros dieing very soon!

    For many guilds, having one successful 40 person raid is accomplishment enough. There are also guilds who strive to have two successful 40 person raid groups, which is admirable. We as Acolytes, are never looking to settle or be happy with being in the middle of the pack. Starting in December we have created of our third 40 person raid group which will be our second DKP raid within the guild on Wednesday and Fridays. We have obtained over 500 Raid Loot items that have gone out to our members across all raids since we started raiding.


    That is an amazing accomplishment and something all of our members should be proud to be a part of. I have seen so many people working together to help others get keyed, get gear, farm materials and that is the reason for our success in this guild. We have always been here to help each other. As we continue to grow and adapt as a guild, I would love to see our overall helpful nature continue.

    Since we have grown as a guild over these past couple months it was time to increase the size of our Officers group as well. HAROO to Never, Gyarz, Lytha and Rickety joining our already great Officer crew of Nafun, Curse, Zazie and Zombie. The amount of work all of our Officers put into providing a fun, organized and goal driven environment for our guild is simply amazing. Our members may not see everything that they do or plan behind the scenes, but I can assure you they are all here working hard for all of the members and are always available if you need someone to talk to or provide suggestions for our guild.

    The next big update in game is PVP Battlegrounds coming December 10th 2019. I know we have a lot of people who are going to want to partake in the new Battlegrounds. I would encourage people to not be shy and ask in guild if people would like to group up for some Battlegrounds. Stilletto will try to organize larger guild groups on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 5pm PST aka Server Time if possible as we know you can't queue as a group, but will try the best we can. As always please feel free to send me any screenshots, videos, clips of your adventures in game and I will get them posted onto all of our social media sites.

    I encourage everyone to continue to self improve their characters over time. Don't be shy about trying to get groups started within guild or joining your fellow guild members in runs to fill spots. If you ever need help with something do not ever hesitate to contact your class lead or any of the officers as we are always available to help people or get the information you may need.

    Here are a couple goals I think we can strive for during this quarter in the future:

    • Late Night Raid taking down Ragnaros
    • The second DKP raid filling with almost all Acolyte members vs PUGs to have three full 40 person Acolyte raids
    • Continue to grow and improve as a guild together by continuing our helping each other mentality

    We like to give updates of our progress so all of us can look back years from now and see what each and everyone of you accomplished and be proud of. Each and every one of you is amazing and I am looking forward to our guild continuing to grow, evolve and adapt over time.


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