New World

Server Name: X on NA EAST

Faction: Syndicate

New World Leadership: Qfighter, WhyteFox, Squaw

URL To Apply:

Goals: Be the first to own a territory! Complete all PVE content and participate in 50 v 50 PVP

Our Acolytes New World guild was created in 2021 for launch. We will continue to grow and experience everything New World has to offer at a high level. If you want to experience all of the latest PVE, PVP and crafting content New World has to offer just apply using the link above, join our Discord and we can get you squared away in game.

Acolytes New World Achievements

Future Holding Spot

Future Holding Spot

Future Holding Spot

Looking Good is Half The Battle

Svikin Gate Lord

Our Enemies Shall Bow Before Us

Photo Shoot of a few Acolytes in Beta