Revelation Online


Revelation Online

Was a short lived MMO for the Acolytes. While we were in the game we met new friends that would carry on into future games and also accomplished the content to be had within the game. FatGoat and Nytewytch were at the helm for the Acolytes.

Our motto as a guild in Revelation is to do dungeons hard! As a guild we have completed the following hard/expert mode dungeons/raids:

  • DarkFall Hard
  • Misty Hollow Hard
  • Deserted Shrine Hard
  • Deserted Shrine Expert (1,2,3 Star)
  • Eternal Chasm (59 version)
  • Grand Bulwark Hard
  • Grand Bulwark Slaughter
  • Grand Bulwark Expert 10 person Raid 1 Star
  • Tower of Pain Trial

Guild City building is very important in Revelation and quite a challenge. We were able to accomplish the following levels within our Guild City:

  • Guild Meeting Hall up to level 3
  • Guild Inventory up to level 3
  • Guild Tavern up to level 3 – Someone’s wife is hanging out there sober it seems….
  • Guild Tower of Loyalty up to level 3 – You can get 3 buffs that last 12 hours
  • Guild Felling Site level 3
  • Guild Noble Treasures level 2 – You can purchase items from this building. (Master Dungeon Certs)
  • Guild Cultivation Site level 3
  • Guild Structure Workshop level 2
  • Guild Machine Room level 2

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