Rift was an amazing MMO for it’s time. It was lead by Bertus initially and then Callie. It had amazing raid content, the character class options and builds were amazing as well. It introduced open world content named Rifts that were of varying types that were fun as well. Acolytes hit launch strong and to this day it was one of our longest running guilds in a game that lasted around 5 years.

Our Rift guild cleared every raid boss there was to be done within the game and were always near the top of our servers progression. Our Rift guild killed 75 unique bosses during our time in Rift.

  • Server’s First guild created
  • Server’s First to take down the bosses in Iron Tomb
  • Greenscale’s Lair Raid Instance
  • River of Souls Raid Instance
  • Gilded Prophecy Raid Instance
  • The Drowned Halls Raid Instance
  • Hammerknell Fortress Raid Instance
  • Rise of the Phoenix Raid Instance
  • Infernal Dawn Raid Instance
  • Primeval Feast Raid Instance
  • Frozen Tempest Raid Instance
  • Endless Eclipse Raid Instance
  • Triumph of the Dragon Queen Raid Instance
  • Intrepid Drowned Halls Raid Instance
  • Infinity Gate Raid Instance
  • Planebreaker Bastion Raid Instance
  • Grim Awakening Raid Instance

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