World of Warcraft Classic

Server Name: Atiesh

Classic WoW Leadership: Darq, Griffin, Lycan, Hateires, Noknok, Rimbosa, Starforsaken, Zazie, Zeldaya, Zombie

URL To Apply:

Goals: Our main focus as a guild is raiding. We may have some members who choose to focus on other aspects of the game – but we are a raiding guild first and foremost. All of our 25man raid teams use the same loot system – which is a very well tested DKP system. We’ve had 2 years to work out the kinks and we think our system is the most fair system around. 10man raids are run using a simple but efficient Soft Reserve loot system. This allows us to quickly build groups for these raids without needing a loot master familiar with AcoBid.

Acolytes Guild Codex: DKP Tracking & Raid Signups:

Acolytes Classic WoW Raid Progression

Classic Phase 1 – 5

Near top server rankings for Horde

Server First Naxxramas P6

Atiesh Horde Server First Naxxramas

Continue near the TOP in TBC

Clear all P1 of TBC – Waiting for P2

After Hours Raid Killing Ragnaros For The First Time

Server First Horde Naxx Kill

Acolytes Killing Nefarian

Classic Progress and TBC Progress Through 9/1/2021